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School Fees & Supplies

East Elementary K-2

506 North Aukerman Street

2023-2024 School Year


Student Fees

Kindergarten - $36.00

1st Grade – $41.50

2nd Grade - $37.00


Open House

Monday, August 21st

5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Breakfast/Lunch Prices
Breakfast - $2.25

Lunch - $3.25


2023-2024 School Supply List


Kindergarten School Supply List*

          1 Book Bag (no wheels)                                                            1 Standard Size School Supply Box

          3 packs of skinny black dry erase markers                  4 boxes of 24 Crayons

          2 pack of Markers                                                                        1 Yellow Highlighters (no gel please)

          Fiskar Scissors (child size)                                                     8-12 Large Elmer’s Glue Sticks

          1 Large container Clorox/Lysol Wipes                             Headphones (NO earbuds please)

          24 pack of pencils (sharpened)                                            1 package of Wipes (Huggies or Pampers brand)

          1 Poly-Vinyl 3 Prong Folder                                                   1 1inch Clear View Binder (White or Black)

          Boys -1 box of snack Ziplock Bags                                      Girls -1 box of Quart Ziplock Bag

          1 Large box of tissues (extra tissues are helpful to share with our specials teachers)




First Grade School Supply List*

          1 Book bag (no wheels)                                                     Headphones (no earbuds, not wireless)

          1 Large supply pouch with zipper                             1 Crayola markers (10 count, thick)

          1 tissue boxes                                                                         2 yellow highlighters

          4 boxes of Crayola crayons                                            1 pair of scissors

          1 smooth cover composition notebooks                   8 glue sticks

          2 black dry erase markers                                              2 Large container Clorox/Lysol Wipes

          1 plastic folder with prongs                                   

          1 box of 12 #2 Ticonderoga Pencils (sharpened)





Second Grade School Supply List*


          1 Book bag (No Wheels)                                               1 Package of baby wipes (boys)

          2 Pocket Folders                                                              1 Package of gallon size Ziplock bags (girls)

          2 Boxes of Crayola 24 ct. Crayons                         1 Pair of Scissors

          1 Pack of 8 Black Dry Erase Markers                    1 Standard Size Art Box

          1 Large Pack of Glue Sticks                                         2 Large Boxes of Tissues

          1 Pair of Headphones or Earbuds                           1 Pack Large Erasers

          1 Box of 12 #2 Pencils (sharpened)

                    (Ticonderoga brand pencils are preferred, but if you can’t find them, do not worry!)

*Teachers may request additional items to help replenish supplies per individual classroom needs during the school year.